Software Trends For Small Businesses In 2020

Lauren Smith

Whether your start-up has just been launched or you’ve been going strong since advertising in the yellow pages made sense, those small businesses who follow the latest innovations and trends in technology will always have a distinct advantage over any competitors.

Below are the most likely tech-related trends to directly impact on small businesses in 2020, including new ways to improve efficiency, protect your company, and grow your market. 

Cloud-Based Software

Systems that are based in the cloud will continue to be a tech trend this year for small businesses. Cloud-based software influences how staff are able to work by providing them with increased flexibility that ultimately makes it easier for them to work remotely.

Storing company data in the cloud makes it easier to order stock, process orders, chase payments, create quotes, and deal with clients from literally anywhere in the world that has phone reception or access to the internet. And cloud-based accounting software means you can stay on top of incoming and outgoing accounts wherever you are when you’re on the go.

Basically, cloud-based systems and software is the precursor to staff working from home, which  not only means staff can have a better balance of work and life, but ultimately it increases happiness for everyone in the workplace.

Automation Software

Automation has recently been an emerging and rising software trend for a small businesses because not only is it getting more sophisticated, but it’s also becoming more and more affordable.

From automation of social media content to automated chat bots which is one of the latest in business trends, automation software is available to provide the appearance and operation of a larger company, without needing you to do much at all apart from setting it and forgetting it.

Chatbots these days have a kind of AI machine learning built-in which means it can immediately get started interacting with your customers and continue to improve every day. Create fast responses to customer service inquiries for your chatbot and you can get a head start on any competitors who haven’t yet utilised this technology

Another automated software that’s increasing in popularity are virtual assistants, because not only are they extremely effective, but they’re also very simple to use. From the moment you start working with AI, you can immediately begin the process of delegating those mundane tasks you are sick of doing.

Mobile Applications

When it comes to small business software, one of the top areas of growth right now is eCommerce, more specifically mobile applications. An increasing amount of small businesses are putting themselves directly on smart phones using mobile applications which allows them to sell directly to a wide variety of consumers.

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or a brand new business, it’s never been easier to utilise a smart phone app that’s been purpose built for your industry, from sales to healthcare and everything in between. Utilising an existing app reduces the labour and high expenses associated with creation of your own mobile application.


We pride ourselves on our simple, no mess approach to helping businesses like yours transitioning to the cloud and take advantage of the benefits and cost savings it offers.